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The SMPS Power Adaptor – 12V 1A (Power supply) is a Switched mode power supply (SMPS). This is the advanced power supply and better than conventional ones. If you want low losses and stable output also you don’t want to make a rectifier, so go for SMPS. The power adapter comes with dual barrel connector, a 2.1mm, and a 1.1mm connector.

You can use this SMPS Power Adaptor – 12V 1A to power-up the Arduino UNO/Arduino MEGA, DC motors, LCD screens, DVD players, Hard Drives, Audio Gear, and most other digital devices use less than 1 Amperage.

This is a high-quality AC to DC Switching Power Adapter which gives a clean regulated 12VDC output at up to 1A. These adapter work with 240VAC input, allowing them to work with household supply. The barrel plug attached to these wall adapters are center positive with 2.1mm diameter.

It is an AC 100~240V to DC 12V 1A Power Adapter/Buck Converter/Switching Power Supply/Transformer/Charger, Applied to the Charging equipment/Small table lamp/Router/TV Box/Mini TV etc/tablet PC/ 2.5-inch mobile hard disk/mobile DVD/Power Tools etc.

Features :

  1. PWM design, make sure the stability and high efficiency of power supply.
  2. Anti-jamming, passed EMC test, wave less than 20MV.
  3. Efficiency above 80%, exotherm less than 25 degree
  4. Function: with overvoltage protection, short-circuit protection, overload protection
  5. Non-waterproof
  6. Constant voltage output, assume stable power supply for LED lightings to reach long lifetime and reduce led light decay.


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